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Graham Braddock

Graham Braddock

Silverdale, Auckland


Most of my paintings are executed in oils, often over the top of other media.
Many are visual stories that contain partially hidden words or imagery where the homespun and the familiar become symbols of timeless truth. My hope is that you will discover additional levels of meaning as you look at the paintings closely.
If you get inspired and encouraged by my art -
If you can glimpse the great, overarching purpose behind life and creation -
If you can catch facets of the wonder and beauty of God's character -
If you can begin to see beyond the present -
- Then my paintings have succeeded!

Bio Notes:
Graham Braddock (born in New Zealand, 1942) showed marked artistic ability from early childhood, trained as a graphic artist, then moved into professional fine art in 1974.
1975 - Kelliher Art Award
1975 - Lion Breweries Art Award
1976 - Lion Breweries Art Award
1977 - Kelliher Art Award.
1975 - 2000 many exhibitions in the main centres of NZ.
1984 - During a time in Israel, Graham obtained the inspiration and reference for many of his Biblically based paintings.
Throughout his career Graham has held many hundreds of classes and workshops in which he has taught practical drawing and painting skills to thousands of children and adults throughout NZ.
Graham and his wife Joan have their home and studio on a small farm three quarters of an hour's drive North of Auckland.
-My desire is to create paintings that reveal something of Jesus Christ's heart in today's world.

Personalised artwork is available at Graham Braddock Personalised Art. Design it yourself. Put Jesus in your situation. Or put yourself in God's hands.


Somethings Happening by Graham Braddock


Gift of God by Graham Braddock


Look Who is Coming by Graham Braddock


The King is Coming Jerusalem by Graham Braddock


Let Your Light Shine by Graham Braddock


Breath of Renewal by Graham Braddock


Wise Men Still Seek Him by Graham Braddock


The Upward Path Waikumete Cemetery Auckland by Graham Braddock


Spring Sunset Northern Galilee by Graham Braddock


Women at the Tomb by Graham Braddock


Rider on a White Horse by Graham Braddock


Peace be Within You Jerusalem by Graham Braddock


The Hold-up Gang by Graham Braddock


Whatever Flows from Adult Lives by Graham Braddock


Jerusalem street by Graham Braddock


Jesus in the Garden by Graham Braddock


His Jewels by Graham Braddock


Sunset Sea of Galilee Israel by Graham Braddock


Follow Jesus by Graham Braddock


It is Finished Calvary Jerusalem by Graham Braddock


Walk in the Light Jerusalem by Graham Braddock